We are responsive to change and have the ability to move quickly and decisively to meet emerging opportunities.

We have a creative outlook and are flexible and dynamic in our approach to innovation and continuous development.


We are a professional team working collaboratively to achieve the highest standards in all we do and bring hope to those we work with.

We value and promote trust through our shared commitment to openness and honesty.


Our commitment is to never give up on hope.

We care about our clients, staff and our work.

We support people to recognise their strengths and realise their potential. Working with acceptance in a non-judgemental way.


We bring hope to those we work with through our words, our actions and our attitude.

Hope flows through everything we do.

  • A telephone helpline for everyone within Norfolk & Suffolk who need support or have questions on drugs and alcohol.
  • Dynamic education so young people understand the risks of drugs and alcohol.
  • Free, confidential help.
  • Honest, accurate and appropriate information.
  • Support for parents and families of drug or alcohol users.

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