Like the Ice Bucket Challenge in 2014, the #22PushUpChallenge has spread like wildfire over social media. From Hollywood A-listers to people in the street, a plethora of people have been raising awareness and money for causes helping armed forces veterans with mental health problems. 

Why 22?

The challenge started in the USA where the US Department of Veterans Affairs estimated that, on average, 22 veterans committed suicide per day in a study released in 2012. So the challenge is 22 push ups for 22 days.    

Today, Jim Brown completes the challenge in support of Outside the Wire, our veterans service.

Jim is the lead officer on the Suffolk Armed Forces Community Covenant and has been liaising with the Outside the Wire team since they expanded into Suffolk in April 2015. He says he "understands Outside The Wire's impact and approach" and "recognises that local charities often get missed out' when it comes to these campaigns."

Jim was nominated to do the challenge by friends on Facebook who he served with in the army, he says "I guess it was peer pressure to do the full 22 day programme, but it has been an opportunity to educate people about veterans mental health issues and use published research stats."     

Since Jim used to work for the tourist board, he thought it would be fun to film his push up videos in different places in and around Ipswich."Whilst I've dragged a colleague to film during a lunchtime break, I've also had to accost a member of the public. Those that had heard of the challenge were easily convinced, for others it was more of a struggle."   

Now at the end of the challenge, Jim says he feels fitter and has "given me the kick to get fit in other ways too".

Watch Jim's Day 21 video and support Outside The Wire.

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