We recognise that substance misuse can have a significant effect on the people around those experiencing drug and alcohol problems.

We want to help.

The Matthew Project worked with a group of young people to develop a short film and educational resource for professionals/adults working with young people and families affected by someone else's substance misuse. We recognise that many young people supported by our service are' affected others' and currently receiving support around their experiences of someone else's misuse of drugs or alcohol. Professionals often discuss this in terms of 'hidden harm'.

The aim was to take forward a project lead by young people, supported by appropriate workers to develop a solution which would enable the voices of young people affected by 'hidden harm' to be shared across Norfolk.

The project was developed to:

  • Raise awareness and improve understanding
  • Encourage others to take a look from another perspective
  • Raise awareness of The Matthew Project
  • Highlight the need for support to be provided at the earliest possible stage
  • To encourage young people to support each other
  • Increase opportunities for young people to develop and drive awareness of hidden harms

If you are affected by someone else's substance misuse, and would like some support, talk to us:

0800 970 4866