Hospital admissions due to alcohol on the increase

The Eastern Daily Press reports that there were 2,725 admissions linked to alcohol in Norwich in 2015/16, according to data from Public Health England published on Wednesday.

And in Norfolk as a whole, patients are being admitted to hospital more than 50 times a day with conditions linked to alcohol.

The number has gone up in Norfolk every year since 2008.

People were admitted to hospitals in Norfolk 19,631 times in 2015/16 with a primary diagnosis or secondary diagnoses linked to drinking alcohol.

But younger people appear to be binge drinking less, with 128 taken to hospital in Norfolk from drinking too much last year, compared to 167 five years before. The number for Norwich was 26, down from 37 five years earlier.

Separate data also published on Wednesday by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows the age group most likely to drink on five or more days a week are those aged 65 and over,

Such regular drinking is over three times more likely among those aged 65 and over than people aged 16 to 24, the data showed.

Paul Martin, CEO of The Matthew Project said "We are concerned about the growth in the harm that alcohol causes to so many people and encourage anyone who is worried about their drinking to contact us for advice and help. We want to see services reach out across the whole community as alcohol affects people from every walk of life, young people to older, men and women alike.

"We are realising that alcohol is one of the greatest risks to our health and communities and should be seen now as a health problem and not a problem to be embarrassed about or have any stigma over. It is a health issue like any other."


Are you drinking too much? You can use this simple self-assessment tool to find out.

  • A telephone helpline for everyone within Norfolk & Suffolk who need support or have questions on drugs and alcohol.
  • Dynamic education so young people understand the risks of drugs and alcohol.
  • Free, confidential help.
  • Honest, accurate and appropriate information.
  • Support for parents and families of drug or alcohol users.

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