Light in Darkness - 'What it means to be me'... A Collected Poem.

On the Thursday 27th September we held our annual service of remembrance, 'Light in Darkness,' at Norwich Cathedral. The Service offered a chance for family, friends and organisations to remember those lost as a result of alcohol and drug use.


During the service Nellie Ford, our Young People's Counsellor for Unity, read out a beautiful poem written by four service users who have been helped by the Matthew Project, which you can read below;

"What it means to be me"... A Collected Poem.


Sometimes life's a struggle not knowing what to do nor who to turn to.

People try their best to understand but never can get the gist of it.

My life's not all bad it comes with the good side of course but

I barely can hold on to those thoughts when I'm down. 

It means a lot to know someone is listening,

Trying to understand my problems and to help and support me through hard times,

I'm very thankful for the help I get, it's very much appreciated.'

Being me can be a challenge some days.

Not always the best but sometimes challenges are good. Most days feel shit and some are better than others

But with certain people I can get through some hard times.

Matthew project has helped me through tough times and I have come a long way.

I have coped better since I started seeing them.

Being me can often feel like a rollercoaster -

When I'm up high its great and exciting.

However when I'm low it can be challenging and can really suck.

My favourite thing when being me is when I'm not too high or too low,

I'm going at a steady speed

Straight on to the end of the rollercoaster!


Working with the Matthew Project means so much to me

Because since working with them I have had a ton of support!

It's a place for me to talk about some bad things

As well as celebrate all the amazing things going on in my life!

 I am Proud to be me

And I want everyone to see
My Life has gone up and down
But I went and turned it around

Working with the Matthew Project
Has made me think about 
Things I thought I would never have to talk about
It makes me feel better
When I received my letter
If it wasn't for the Matthew Project
I would still feel like an object.


  • A telephone helpline for everyone within Norfolk & Suffolk who need support or have questions on drugs and alcohol.
  • Dynamic education so young people understand the risks of drugs and alcohol.
  • Free, confidential help.
  • Honest, accurate and appropriate information.
  • Support for parents and families of drug or alcohol users.

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