Rotary Club of Norwich Fund Primary School Sessions

For some years The Rotary Club of Norwich has worked in conjunction with the Matthew Project to deliver a programme called DrugBusters, to a variety of primary schools in and around Norwich. The DrugBusters programme is aimed at years 5 and 6 pupils.

Matthew Project's staff deliver assemblies on risks and risk taking around substances such as cigarettes and alcohol, as well as other drugs. Funding for this programme is provided by an annual golf tournament organised by The Rotary Club of Norwich.

The assemblies involve students having to decide where certain pictures of substances should be placed on 'The Scale of Risk'. The substances include a mysterious white power, cigarettes, alcohol and medicine. The assemblies are followed by a question time, giving the children an opportunity to ask any questions they may have about the information presented. There is also discussion about peer pressure and wanting to fit in with friends.

Photograph showing Kevin Reynolds, Chair of The Youth Opportunities Committee of The Rotary Club of Norwich, handing over a cheque for the coming year's programme to Esther Heybourne, Youth Team Manager of the Matthew Project, together with Andrew Brown, President of the Rotary Club of Norwich.

"I now know that drugs can speed up your body as well as slow down your body. After one cigarette your nerves craze (sic) for Nicotine'.
Feedback from one pupil

"The programme educates young people about the dangers and pressures they might encounter; good at this transition phase (junior to high school)".
Feedback from one teacher

"We are delighted to have the opportunity again to deliver this service to schools in Norwich and surrounding areas. This is a highly valued service and it is a pleasure to work with the Rotary Club of Norwich to ensure we can continue to deliver the sessions to year 5 & 6 pupils. We have a new programme for this year which we hope will be engaging and inspiring, tackling issues relevant to children today. We would like to thank the Rotary Club of Norwich for their continued support and for raising funds at their charity golf day which will enable us to deliver these sessions."
Esther Heybourne Youth Team Manager

  • A telephone helpline for everyone within Norfolk & Suffolk who need support or have questions on drugs and alcohol.
  • Dynamic education so young people understand the risks of drugs and alcohol.
  • Free, confidential help.
  • Honest, accurate and appropriate information.
  • Support for parents and families of drug or alcohol users.

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