Current Volunteering Vacancies

We help all kinds of people to enjoy life free from alcohol and drug misuse. Volunteers form an essential part of our mission to deliver quality education and advice on drugs and alcohol, and to support people effectively on their journey of recovery.

If you're a people person, skilled in a specific area or have the time to organise fundraising events, we would love to hear from you. We have volunteering opportunities which include helping at local events and training and running workshops in our skills development programme for people aiming to get back into work. We also need volunteer befrienders and people to help our staff deliver sessions in schools and outings for children affected by others' substance misuse.

You'll be part of a growing volunteer network that is helping to make a real difference to people's lives.

Do browse the opportunities below, and if think you have appropriate skills and experience contact us on 01603 626123 or email

Community Fundraiser

We are looking for community fundraisers to support all aspects of our charitable services.Many of our services are reliant on voluntary donations and grants, including our Youth Team and Outside the Wire service for veterans,

We are looking for people who can inspire and mobilise their local communities to come together. We will encourage and support you to exercise your full creativity as you -

-Pull together a group of friends

-Dream up and plan fundraising events

-Contact local businesses and supermarkets to identify opportunities

-Use your skills and networks to build momentum

We offer full support for our volunteers, including an induction into our various services, and training in drugs and alcohol. We can also provide a reference, and pay travel expenses.

You can read the role description here

Event Volunteers

Do you have some spare time and want to support the work of the Matthew Project?

Are you looking for a fun and varied way to get involved?

We are looking for volunteers to collaborate on our events whether in the event planning and administration or in providing an extra pair of hands on the day. Volunteers would be expected to be involved on an ad hoc basis and would have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of activities including charity collections, festivals, garden party events, a sponsored skydive and much more. Event volunteers may be required to contribute anything between one hour to a full day, depending on the event and your availability, so this opportunity offers great flexibility if you are not able to make a regular commitment.

Please read the volunteer role description below for more information and complete the volunteer application form to register your interest in this role. Applications to this role are on an ongoing basis; once registered you will receive updates about the event opportunities available.

Occasional Event Volunteer Role Description

Volunteer Application Form


Plastics4Charity Admin Volunteer

The Matthew Project is raising awareness of green issues by encouraging individuals across Norfolk to recycle their plastic materials. Plastic 4 Charity recycle waste plastic (milk bottle tops), reduce land-fill and raise money for The Matthew Project!

This volunteer role would suit any person, any age. A genuine interest in recycling is preferred but not essential.

Basic duties:

Check incoming emails and respond with standard replies

Make phone calls as necessary

Organise bi-monthly claim to Norfolk County Council for recycling credit

Assist Voluntary Project Manager as required

Approx. 2-3 hours a week.

For more information please contact Jon Hammond on 


Schools and Youth Club Volunteer

We are looking for volunteers to help give presentations to groups of young people, and lead discussions with them. We support young people who are using drugs or alcohol or who are affected by the drug and alcohol use of others. This is one of our most stimulating roles. It provides an opportunity to understand the challenges faced by young people today and to give positive input into their lives. Our team provides relevant and comprehensive drug and alcohol education to young people in secondary schools, colleges and youth clubs.

We also deliver sessions at the top end of primary schools, which focus on alcohol and smoking. There are also opportunities to work alongside police and the fire service delivering short, lively 10-minute sessions as part of our 'Crucial Crew' outreach. This is one which we find young people remember, even years on! Our sessions are designed to educate young people about the effects and risks of illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco, solvents and the safe use of medicines. Giving information on these topics enables young people to make healthy choices. Volunteers support staff in the delivery of sessions, enabling them to engage with young people in a wide variety of settings. This is a great opportunity to gain experience in working with young people, in the context of an upbeat and supportive team. We can provide a reference, and will cover expenses and the cost of a DBS check.

We are particularly looking for volunteers to work with our King's Lynn and Great Yarmouth offices.

You can read the role description

Young People's Group Work Volunteer

We are looking for volunteers to work with groups of young people. This includes supporting the team to deliver group activities to young people. We give children and young people the opportunity to participate in a wide range of leisure and cultural activities. These activities are age and developmentally appropriate, enabling young people to gain confidence, self-esteem, develop new skills and to have fun. Young people gain the opportunity to build positive relationships and grow in resilience. The children are typically between 6 and 12 years old, and affected by the drug or alcohol use of those with whom they live.

We also do group work with the 12-19 age group, and are currently setting up a drop-in centre in Norwich. Volunteers are also welcome to help with outreach sessions around Norfolk, which are delivered using our Voicebox caravans. We park these in a school, or near a park, and engage with young people who want to seek help and advice about drugs.In some cases we would also welcome help in collecting young people and driving them to these sessions.

We can provide a reference, and will cover expenses and the cost of a DBS check. We work across Norfolk but we
 are particularly looking for volunteers to work with our King's Lynn and Great Yarmouth Offices.

You can read a role description here.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact us at or 01603 626123.

Befriender for Veterans

We are looking for Befrienders to help with Outside the Wire, its rapidly growing service for veterans, and current serving personnel in the Armed Forces.

Men and women who have given courageous service to their country often find the transition back to civilian life very challenging. Difficulties in finding housing and employment, along with the loss of military support systems, can push people towards tensions in relationships and alcohol abuse.

A united team of staff and volunteers is currently supporting over 50 veterans in Norfolk and Suffolk, helping them to face these challenges and build healthy relationships and routines in civilian life. Staff, who are all themselves veterans, provide one-to-one counselling, while a united staff-volunteer team is developing support groups for veterans and their wives or partners.

To expand our services we are now recruiting volunteer Befrienders. The responsibilities will be varied and interesting. They could typically include:

- Following up on needs shared during a support group

-Making calls to veterans at the evening or weekend to check on their wellbeing

- Helping veterans to access services and navigate their way through statutory systems

- Helping to staff a telephone service from the Veterans' Centre in Norwich

- Or meeting veterans for a coffee in public places to build friendships and keep an eye on their needs

We take great care over the wellbeing of our volunteers, and will ensure that there is a staff member on the other end of the line in case of emergency, and supervision sessions where any difficult issues arising can be shared. We can also provide a reference, and will pay travel expenses and the cost of a DBS check.

This work will be challenging, but highly rewarding, as we serve men and women who bring great wisdom and experience from their time of serving their country.

Expenses: Travel

Recruitment Method: DBS check and References

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact us at or 01603 626123.

Norfolk Recovery Partnership (NRP) work with individuals and family members who are experiencing problems with drink and/or drugs.

NRP is actively seeking volunteers for positions within all our teams. We need volunteers to assist with the running of groups and other activities in various locations throughout the county. We also need volunteers to help out in our recovery café in Thetford and computer literate people who can help run IT sessions for our clients. We are also seeking volunteers to work within Wayland Prison.

Due to the nature of our work we can only recruit adult volunteers. Applications from those who have experienced problems of this nature in the past would be most welcome.

For more information please call 0300 7900 227 leave your name and contact details and the relevant volunteer coordinator will get back to you with details of what volunteering opportunities there are in your area. Click here for further details about volunteering within Norfolk Recovery Partnership. 

The Matthew Project is well known for its excellent work with people in need in Norfolk and Suffolk. We provide support to those who are affected by their own, or another's, use of drugs or alcohol.

The Matthew Project is a caring charity with a Christian ethos and we welcome applications from all sections of the community.

Registered charity no. 1122801