Volunteering FAQs

What is a volunteer?

vol-un-teer [vol-uhn-teer]


a person who freely offers to perform a service without pay

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Why does The Matthew Project use volunteers?

Thanks to our volunteers, we are able to do more for people affected by drugs and alcohol. Volunteers make a valuable contribution to our work and offer us the flexibility to offer help to more people in more ways. Each volunteer brings their own life experience and creativity that helps to build diverse and dynamic teams.

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Why do people volunteer for The Matthew Project?

  • To 'give back'' after receiving help and support
  • To use their personal experiences to help others
  • Because they remember seeing Voicebox and Matthew Project assemblies at their school
  • Because they have some spare time
  • To make a difference
  • As part of a Counselling or Social Work course

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What would I gain from volunteering with The Matthew Project?

There are many benefits to volunteering and what your get out of it depends on why you want to volunteer. You could gain new skills and experience or have an opportunity to put existing ones to use. You might gain confidence, meet new people and feel satisfaction from playing a positive role in people's lives. If you're looking for work, you will gain experience for your CV and can request a reference from us. All volunteers receive ongoing support and supervision so that you can tell us what you want from your experience.

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Will I receive any training?

All volunteers complete two days of compulsory training to introduce you to the organisation and your role. There is the opportunity to complete further training relevant to the role and your personal development will be discussed in supervision sessions.

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I have a history of criminal offences; will this stop me from volunteering?

Not necessarily. We welcome a diverse range of volunteers, including ex-offenders, former drug or alcohol users, unemployed, employed, retired, students, disabled, non-disabled, old and young. There are some restrictions to who we can accept as volunteers. For full information on these restrictions please read our Guidance and Recruitment of Ex-Offender Policy.

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Is it true that I can only volunteer for 16 hours per week if I am claiming benefits?

There is no limit to the amount of hours you can volunteer each week. You must notify your benefits advisor that you are volunteering but volunteering will not affect your right to benefits, as long as you still meet the conditions of the benefit that you are receiving. See full guidance on volunteering while on benefits here.

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Will it cost me anything to volunteer?

No. Out-of-pocket expenses relating to your volunteering activities will be reimbursed by The Matthew Project if supported by receipts. Some examples of costs that you can claim are public transport to and from volunteering venues, mileage of 40p per mile and parking.

The Matthew Project is well known for its excellent work with people in need in Norfolk and Suffolk. We provide support to those who are affected by their own, or another's, use of drugs or alcohol.

The Matthew Project is a caring charity with a Christian ethos and we welcome applications from all sections of the community.

Registered charity no. 1122801