Tops 4 Charity - Bottle it!

Tops 4 Charity is a scheme to collect small plastic tops & caps from milk bottles, drink bottles and household products listed in the green box on right. We then send them off for recycling and The Matthew Project receives Recycling Credits from Norfolk County Council.

*** We are now collecting plastic tops and caps in empty milk bottles rather than plastic bags ***

Previously we asked people to collect bottle tops and bring them to collection points in plastic bags because we received cash for the weight of plastic. We are now asking you to collect bottle tops in empty plastic milk bottles and to drop them direct to a Matthew Project recycling bank. This is due to the amount of time it takes to empty the tops from the hundreds of plastic bags we have been receiving.

If you are unable to get to a recycling bank, you can still drop off your plastic bottles and cartons of tops at a recycling collection point but it is important to bottle your tops rather than bag them.

How to get involved:

  1. Wash out an empty plastic milk carton and squeeze your washed bottle tops and caps into it (see pictures below). If you want to fit in bigger plastic tops, you will need to make a small cut in the top of the carton.
  2. When the carton is full, put on a normal top and recycle the whole carton including the tops at one of our recycling banks. Easy!
  • The tops will be collected, weighed and sent for recycling (all plastic is recycled in the UK)
  • Around 3 months later, The Matthew Project will receive Norfolk County Council Recycling Credits for the weight of the tops.

Collect Like This

Not Like This

Yes please!
We CAN recycle this:

  • Rinsed Plastic Tops & Caps from Milk Cartons & Drinks Bottles
  • Plastic Tops and Caps from Washing liquids, Fabric Conditioners and other Cleaning Materials
  • Plastic Lids & Caps from Tubes, Toiletries & Medication Bottles
  • Plastic Milk Bottles (Tops collection and Banks)
  • Plastic Drinks Bottles (Banks only)
  • Plastic Yoghurt Pots and Mini-Bio Drink Pots (Banks only)
  • Plastic Ice Cream & Margarine Tubs and Lids (Banks only)
  • Plastic Bottles from Cleaning Materials (Banks only)
  • Clear Plastic Food Trays & Lids (Banks only)

No thanks!
NOT this type of material:

  • Plastic Shopping Bags!
  • Hard plastics, e.g. Coffee Jar Lids
  • Black / Coloured Meat / Veg / Fruit Trays etc
  • Polythene, Polystyrene or Polyurethane
  • Bic Razors or Pens
  • Vegetable Nets
  • Brittle plastics generally e.g. Garden Furniture (chairs, tables, etc), Flower Pots, Tea Trays etc.