What else can I do?

If you are passionate about recycling and want to get more involved, we are looking for people who can:

  • Collect bottle tops form supporters in your local area and either bring them to Norwich when you are visiting or take them direct to one of our recycling banks across Norfolk.
  • Store larger amounts of plastic bottle tops in a garage or warehouse at key locations across Norfolk.
  • Help us identify places where we can put new Plastic4Charity Recycling Banks across the county.

If you are able to help us with this, please contact Jon Hammond at plastic4charity@matthewproject.org


Yes please!
We CAN recycle this:

  • Rinsed Plastic Tops & Caps from Milk Cartons & Drinks Bottles
  • Plastic Tops and Caps from Washing liquids, Fabric Conditioners and other Cleaning Materials
  • Plastic Lids & Caps from Tubes, Toiletries & Medication Bottles
  • Plastic Milk Bottles (Tops collection and Banks)
  • Plastic Drinks Bottles (Banks only)
  • Plastic Yoghurt Pots and Mini-Bio Drink Pots (Banks only)
  • Plastic Ice Cream & Margarine Tubs and Lids (Banks only)
  • Plastic Bottles from Cleaning Materials (Banks only)
  • Clear Plastic Food Trays & Lids (Banks only)

No thanks!
NOT this type of material:

  • Plastic Shopping Bags!
  • Hard plastics, e.g. Coffee Jar Lids
  • Black / Coloured Meat / Veg / Fruit Trays etc
  • Polythene, Polystyrene or Polyurethane
  • Bic Razors or Pens
  • Vegetable Nets
  • Brittle plastics generally e.g. Garden Furniture (chairs, tables, etc), Flower Pots, Tea Trays etc.