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Regular donations are extremely valuable to us and help us to plan ahead and reach those who need our help and advice with drug and alcohol related issues within Norfolk and Suffolk.

We will appreciate any support you can give.
Please call 01603 626123 or email

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"The Matthew Project has helped me understand why I should not drink and smoke so much, I felt lost and unhappy at home and drank to cope. Now I feel stronger."
15 year old girl, Norwich

10 will help The Matthew Project answer as many calls as possible during the night from people desperate for our help.

30 will help The Matthew Project pay for one-to-one counselling sessions for people who are in need of help and advice.

100 will help our Adult Team provide support and aftercare to those recovering from drug and alcohol issues so they can integrate back into society.

300 will help The Matthew Project raise awareness about the risks of drugs and alcohol to young people using our Voicebox outreach vehicle.

500 will help The Matthew Project talk to over 100 young people at various venues including schools and youth clubs about the risks of drugs and alcohol, through our youth workers.