Your school has probably come into contact with The Matthew Project Youth Team through the assemblies and lessons involving drug and alcohol education.

This service is provided free of charge to your school.

We receive funding from various sources, but each year it is a challenge to raise enough money to cover the full cost of providing our services.

We would therefore be grateful if you would consider The Matthew Project as a charity you could support at your school.

Easy ways to get involved

  • Collection after your school carol service, school play or harvest festival
  • Non-uniform day
  • Teachers' Baby Photo Competition
  • Spell-athon, skip-athon, sponsored silence
  • Sports day tournament - teachers vs. pupils
  • Fashion show or talent competition
  • Treasure Hunt

Our impact is far reaching: Matthew Project youth workers were talking with children at a Norfolk Primary school when a child told them she had taken a Matthew Project card home after their last visit and she had given it to her dad who drank too much. He had rung the helpline and talked to someone; things had been better at home since then.


10 will help The Matthew Project answer as many calls as possible during the night from people desperate for our help.

30 will help The Matthew Project pay for one-to-one counselling sessions for people who are in need of help and advice.

100 will help our Adult Team provide support and aftercare to those recovering from drug and alcohol issues so they can integrate back into society.

300 will help The Matthew Project raise awareness about the risks of drugs and alcohol to young people using our Voicebox outreach vehicle.

500 will help The Matthew Project talk to over 100 young people at various venues including schools and youth clubs about the risks of drugs and alcohol, through our youth workers.