The Under18 Suffolk service came to an end on 31st March 2015. Specialist substance misuse services in the county are now being provided by Turning Point, they can be contacted on: 0300 1230872 or email

The Matthew Project is still delivering universal sessions in schools, colleges and youth settings in Suffolk. For more details or to book a session, please email

"The work that was undertaken by Matthew Project with a young person I am working with has significantly improved their wellbeing. The young person engaged well with the service and as a result of this made significant changes which have impacted the family in a positive way."
Social Worker

"My worker taught me a lot, I now know everything I could possibly need to about drugs and alcohol. Thanks to my worker I have reduced my alcohol use considerably and have developed new ways to cope with stress and anxiety."
A Young Person

Over the lifetime of the contract, Under18 Suffolk has met with 594 young people needing targeted 1-2-1 support and 687 young people requiring specialist care. We have received hundreds of comments from both young people and those who support them, regarding the impact of our service:

For full information on the impact of the service please have a look at our impact report.