Yellow Slug | Limax Flavus

Congratulations! You found clue number five - The Yellow Slug, frequently found munching leaves in damp areas. These Hosta plants are a favourite

Key Information

The Yellow slug lives up to its name - its yellow body is mottled with grey patches. Often found in gardens and damp places in houses, it can be considered a pest, but is an important nutrient recycler.
Species information
Category: Slugs, snails and freshwater mussels
Statistics: Length: up to 10 cm
Conservation status: Common.
When to see: January to December
With yellow-and-grey mottling on its body, the Yellow slug lives up to its name. This slug is the species that is most associated with people and urban environments, so can be found in gardens and in damp, dark areas of houses. It feeds on fungi, decaying matter and vegetables.
How to identify
The Yellow slug has a mottled, grey-and-yellow body, and blue tentacles.

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