Volunteer Week - Laura's Story

I am Laura, a mother and once troublesome teenager, and this is why I volunteered at the Matthew project.

I came from a good home and never wanted for anything. I did have some educational issues that left me frustrated and perhaps unaware of others intentions around me. I found social situations difficult even as a child, I didn't understand how to respond to others socially and as a teenager drugs seemed to help. I could talk and laugh and suddenly found I could be more like others. I found myself in horrific situations, hurting myself and my loved ones. Soft drugs lead to harder drugs and, although I was lucky enough to have confessed all to my older brother and changed the direction of my life, other members of the same group were not so fortunate. Two of my friends from this time are no longer with us. Drugs and alcohol take away in my eyes the person’s sense of worth, their family and everything important to them. Addiction has a hold but that grip can be broken with time and perseverance. We are all worthwhile human beings who just made mistakes; help is the answer through talking and therapy, but also through sharing our own experiences.

Projects like the Matthew project are vital, in my opinion, and I'm proud to say I'm a part of it as a volunteer, hopefully through crucial crew in the future and with the Next Steps Recovery Programme for art therapy.