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Jiang Beibei saw the wine on the table and asked him, "Second brother, do you want to drink?"? Second brother, do you still want to smoke? There was a strong smell of smoke, and the door was always open, probably to disperse the smoke. Don't worry about.. You go home. Tang Xizhou turned her around and pushed her out of the door. Jiangbei shook the bag in his hand and said, "You are sick!"! Go to bed early. If you drink, the gift will not be given to you. "Yo!" Tang Xizhou reached out to grab it. "Did you buy it for me?"? Show it to me! "You don't have a share!" Jiang Beibei lightly escaped, jumped up the steps in two or three steps, took out his mobile phone and shook it, "Second brother, I want to complain." It took Tang Xizhou three seconds to figure out who she was complaining about, and her eyes turned into copper bells: "Beibei!"! Learn to be bad! Hearing the noise in the corridor, Chu Yao opened the door. Fried fish, come and eat. Jiang Beibei immediately forgot Tang Erge and went to Chu Yao. Come back so early today? Downstairs, Tang Xizhou was not at ease and told him again: "Jiang Beibei, be honest!" The door on the second floor is closed. Chu Yao held a small fried fish under his arm and held it with one hand to feed it to Jiang Beibei. Where are your parents? "To my grandmother's house." Chu Yao said, "you pack some small fish and go back." "Ha ha ha, don't say that, so cute, you feed the cat!" Chu Yao said, "Yes, it's to feed the cat. You'll know when you take it back." His fingers wiped the oil residue from Jiangbei's chin and licked his fingers naturally. Jiang Beibei stared at his hand, and the little man in his mind hit the bell. With a thump,plastic bulk containers, Jiang Beibei realized. My God, fingers! In a flash, Jiang Beibei's thinking spread to Lu Xun, Shaoxing people, formerly known as Zhou Shuren, saw short sleeves, immediately thought of white arms.. Seeing Yao's fingers, he immediately wanted to run on the main road with one foot on the accelerator, and put his head out of the window,plastic pallet box, drooling with his tongue like a big meow, crying loudly. I used to be so sick! Jiang Beibei stopped thinking about the danger of running away. He straightened his face and reminded him, "Brother Yao, have you forgotten something?" Chu Yao smiled, turned his feet, and quietly returned to the kitchen. The lighter his steps are, the smaller his movements are, and his mind is rippling in the north of the Yangtze River. Jiangbei put down the gifts and chased him to the kitchen. He looked at him with his head tilted. "Brother Yao, did you forget something?" No, we must remind him to make up for today's kiss! Chu Yao turned off the fire, covered the pot, and reached out to turn off the smoke machine. Then he turned around and hugged her, pried open her lips, and kissed her deeply. Jiang Beibei laughed, the laughter was blocked, in the throat, trembling all over. Chu Yao hugged her and deepened the kiss. Jiang Beibei confessed that she was like toffee in the sun, foldable bulk container ,plastic pallet supplier, slowly melting. Like a cat. At the end of the kiss, Chu Yao licked the corners of his mouth and said so. Like the cat just now, like liquid, the tighter he hugged her, the faster she melted, and finally almost flowed from his arms to the ground. Jiang Beibei was soft in his arms, panting and saying, "My legs are weak." As soon as the voice fell, Chu Yao picked her up. The sudden embrace of the princess made Jiang Beibei instinctively grab his collar, pulling his fingers tightly and trembling slightly. You Lack of security. Chu Yao said in a low voice. Her subconscious movements were all self-protection, and Chu Yao softened a little and carried her out of the kitchen. Returning to his senses, Jiangbei loosened his hand and smiled back. He said mischievously, "Brother Yao, Brother Yao, just hold me around the room and see how long you can hold on." "If I could, I would never let go," said Chu Yao. Jiangbei North is just a joke, did not expect Chu Yao really so holding her in the living room around the tea table slowly up. Jiangbei's face was burning. His face was burning and his head couldn't keep up with him. He didn't know what to say for a while. After thinking about it, he asked, "Will your parents come back today?" "Are you staying overnight?" “…… I'm afraid your parents will come back suddenly. I'll be embarrassed. With a smile on his face, Chu Yao said slowly, "What are you afraid of? It's not stealing." Chat can not go on, Jiang Beibei calmed down, in order to let oneself not be confused by beauty, hurriedly in the mind to search for topics, and finally found a life-saving straw. "That's right!"! Brother Yao, what gift do you want for your birthday next week? All right, what do you want? "It's your birthday!" Jiang Beibei raised his eyes to look at him, happened to meet his gentle eyes, the voice immediately went down, "that." I've bought a gift for the New Year. Think about it. Once a year, I can buy you anything you want. "This year is different." Chu Yao smiled, "I have you this year, so the gift should also take you into account." His words made Jiang Beibei's brain race. Brother Yao, what does this mean? Take me into account, does that mean that brother Yao wants to. Chu Yao's next words shattered Jiang Beibei's beautiful fantasy, and his brain automatically ordered a song to wake up and mourn for her. Chu Yao said: "Birthday, we spend together, let's go to see Chicago together." Jiangbei's slightly wretched expression solidified in an instant, and his smile gradually disappeared. He bowed 90 degrees in his heart and apologized to Chu Yao: "I'm sorry that my thoughts are too dirty to tarnish your innocence." When Chu Yao saw her stupefied expression, he turned his head and smiled secretly. "Lovely," he whispered. "Then it's settled!" After recovering, Jiang Beibei said, "I'm going to book a ticket. Is it on my birthday?" "Mmm." "But." Jiang Beibei hesitated, "didn't you agree to have dinner with your brothers on your birthday?" "On my birthday." Chu Yao put down his chopsticks and looked at her with a smile. "Not just for a moment, 24 hours, we can do a lot of things." Chu Yao hugged her around in the living room, downstairs noisy has not yet dispersed, occasionally can hear the sound of grandma sneezing across the door, only the Chu family is quiet, Jiang Beibei suddenly has a kind of illusion of stealing love with Chu Yao behind the back of his elders. Without speaking again, Jiangbei pressed his face against his sweater, closed his eyes,mobile garbage bin, and listened quietly to his heartbeat. For a long time, Jiang Beibei closed his eyes and said with a smile, "We are like two neuropathy. We are silly and do some silly things." 。


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