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Argumentative research essay

This is essentially a breakdown of arguments that one needs to make before deciding on which approach to take. In essence, an argumentative article should present evidence to support an idea. The writer then attempts to persuade readers to adopt their perspective by presenting the facts as opposed to appealing to emotions.

When writing an counterarguments, your central thesis must always be to defend yourself. You need to apply caution when choosing an master papers anecdote that you might lose universal respect. If it's about racism, for instance, it is bad for scientists to criticize other peoples because of their affiliation with a country and a beliefs that allow slavery to exist. But if it’s a simple issue that licenses the use of fossil fuels, garner sympathy from the reader and save the environment, it is better to focus on arguing why the sticks (n items) used to do the actual count rather than proceed with the more complex concepts.

It is essential to note that the emotional appeal of an assertion usually comes from personal experiences. Therefore, trying to find a way of expressing oneself in a personalized manner will ultimately fail. The truth is that many individuals are weak and cannot handle such a topic; hence, they resort to using cliché terms that will quickly be lost in the mind of the professors.

Descriptive Research Essay

As with the preceding statement, it is clear that the data presented in an analysis based on the researched case ought to be supported by target studies that it relies on. However, descriptive essays are college papers somewhat much different. Instead of describing physical characteristics, the writers try to get the viewers to relate the story with the phenomenon being described. As a result, a lot of effort is put into ensuring that the analysis is objective and devoid of bias.

Rather than dig deeper, the authors attempt to explain the main points through storytelling. While the narrative in a standalone composition may be engaging, it is best to veer off to providing a short overview of what the study is allabout. Thus, it is easier to create a comprehensive summary that ties the basis of the movie and the exploration of the themes discussed within the individual piece.

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