The Big Give Christmas Challenge, 2020 

It’s fair to say that the Covid 19 pandemic has made 2020 one of the most challenging years we have ever faced. And whilst we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, the impact will be felt for months and years to come

At a time when our services are needed by both children and adults across East Anglia, our funding is under pressure

As an example, just £5 could pay for refreshments or equipment at our Next Steps centre for:

Children at youth club who's parents have substance misuse issues
Teenagers learning about the dangers of alcohol and drugs
Young people engaged in our On Track courses to gain education, training or employment
Members of our addiction Recovery Support Program doing positive activities such as cookery, art or woodwork
Parents at our support group who's children take drugs and don't want to stop
 Veterans with PTSD at our drop in café who find comfort in spending time together

To raise funds so that we can continue to support our community, The Matthew Project are joining a nationwide campaign, The Big Give Christmas Challenge, 2020

The challenge is for us to raise as much money by donation as possible from 12pm on Tuesday 1st December to 12pm on Tuesday 8th December. We are asking for donations of £5 or upwards and there’s a bonus...

 Every donation made will be matched

with funds so you get to #doubleyourdonation and #givethegiftofhope this Christmas

So please, as soon as our campaign opens, click here and make your donation. For one week, your £5 becomes £10 at no extra cost to you

Please also tell your family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, parents at the school gate, the members at your club, the lady that cuts your hair, the lovely couple that run the butchers... EVERYONE!

Thankyou and wishing you the best for the Christmas season

Team Matthew Project

xmas party heroes.JPG

Has Covid cancelled your staff Christmas party or celebrations? Here's a chance to make good from the situation by becoming an XMAS PARTY HERO. Donate some or all of the funds to The Matthew Project Charity from 1st to 8th December and it will be doubled with secured match funds from our Big Give campaign