The Matthew Project are taking part in an epic virtual challenge, walking from Norwich Cathedral to Notre Dame, Paris. Read on to find out more...

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The Challenge

On Wednesday 12th May, a team of brave volunteers, the TMP Trekkers, are taking on an epic challenge. Collectively, they will be walking 374.1 miles from Norwich Cathedral to Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris! Given current circumstances they will be doing it virtually, using the beautiful roads, lanes and paths of Norfolk and all to raise much needed funds for The Matthew Project Charity.

Every day, they will be reporting their progress via the Walking4Norfolk website, competing with other teams from across the county. The first team to make it to the finish line will be declared the winners!

We need your help with sponsors - Whatever you can afford will be gratefully received.

More teams can join. Gather five friends or family members and take on the challenge too!

We hope you feel as inspired as we do about this brilliant adventure. Keep an eye on our social media channels as we get nearer to the date and please, support us in any way that you can...

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Interested in joining in? Here is some more information...

What do you mean by walking ‘virtually’ from Norwich to Notre-Dame?
Good question! You don’t actually walk from Norwich to Notre-Dame. Rather, with the members of your team undertaking a little more than their daily walking routine, you add up and submit your team’s total daily mileage. Submit that to us and see your team’s pin advance along the virtual route published daily on the W4N website. Walking around the kitchen or garden does not count. Each walk must be at least a mile, but you can do as many separate walks in a day as you like. A round of golf does count.

When does the challenge start?
12th May 2021

Where does it start from?
Anywhere you or your team members happen to be!

When does it finish?
When your team pin gets to Notre-Dame on the W4N map.

What is the total walking distance between Norwich and Notre-Dame?
375 miles

How long will this challenge last?
As long as your team takes to accumulate 375 miles. If each member of the team averages 6 miles a day (about 2.5 hours walking, approx), you will be there within 13 days.

How do we record mileage?
If you want/ need to be able to evidence your mileage (i.e. if your sponsors require it, or you might think you want to win this challenge and we need to see it), then use an app such as Strava (free for one month) or MapMyWalk. If you’re happy to let your conscience dictate, then one hour’s walking equals 2.4 miles; but don’t expect to win this challenge! (Golfers do considerably less!)

You should report daily to your team Captain as early as you can, and at the latest by 9pm, if you want to see your flag updated accurately every day on the website.

And remember, we are working in miles, not kilometres!

How do we know how we’re doing?
Check out the Leaderboard which will go live shortly before the start of the Challenge.

We sincerely hope you'll be able to support us with this challenge. If you need any further information or support, do not hesitate to get in touch with Sarah [email protected]