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2024 Charity Challenge

Visit new countries, experience different cultures, and improve your fitness whilst raising vital funds for the Matthew Project

It's time for some adventure!

We all know the physical and mental health benefits of exercise. The confidence that comes with achieving a goal can be life changing. So The Matthew Project have registered with multi award winning company, Charity Challenge.

Charity Challenge specialises in delivering exceptional adventure challenges, allowing participants to raise money for the charity of their choice. For 20 years they have created and managed international expeditions which have enabled people to raise in excess of £59 million for over 2170 charities, across 6 continents, in over 30 countries worldwide.

It will be necessary to train for every challenge so you can use the next three to six months preparing physically and mentally. Once restrictions are lifted, you'll be good to go!

"Courage, my friends, is not the absence of fear. Courage is the ability to come together and overcome that fear."

From the North Pole to the South Pole, and covering deserts, rivers, mountains, forests and jungles in between, Charity Challenge have a massive range of challenges to push you to your limits! Choose from a range of activities, destinations, levels of difficulty and duration.

Challenges can be undertaken solo, with friends, family or colleagues and include the following categories: 


Here are some examples of challenges that may capture your imagination...

Take on the 3 highest mountains in the UK
Be one of the first hikers of the day to take on Ben Nevis

Tackle Scafell Pike at night
Finish your challenge on Wales's infamous peak, Snowdon
Aim to summit all three peaks in 24hrs!

Brace yourself for a fast-paced and physically challenging adventure, as you take on the three highest peaks in England, Scotland and Wales. Considered one of Britain’s toughest outdoor challenges, the National 3 Peaks Challenge takes in the dizzy heights of Ben Nevis (1,344m), Scafell Pike (978m) and Snowdon (1,085m).

Over the course of two days, you will trek around 26 miles and ascend to a total height of almost 3,000m. This is a serious and tough challenge which requires a good level of fitness, as well as plenty of grit and determination. Ultimately, however, your hard work will be rewarded with spectacular views and a huge sense of achievement.




Paddle and trek through the Amazon- the ultimate way to explore the world's largest tropical rainforest
Sleep in hammocks encompassed by the sounds of the jungle
Encounter endemic wildlife on nocturnal excursions
Learn the basics of jungle living
Discover the rarest species of animals the rainforest host.

The Amazon covers an area of more than five million square kilometres and covers nine countries including Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Suriname, Guyana and French Guiana.  Holding 20% of all fresh water in the world, the Amazon River is the largest by volume on the planet.  This vast ecosystem contains an enormous variety of flora and fauna which makes every visit a memorable and unique experience.



Trek to the Langjökull glacier
Traverse the second largest glacier in Iceland
Admire Iceland’s most incredible landscapes
Spend nights camping on the ice
Relax in geothermal springs

This is a challenge to get you out of your comfort zone and onto Iceland’s most extreme glacial landscapes. Spend five days ski-trekking across Langjökull glacier ice cap, enjoying incredible scenery along the way. 

Starting at Husafell in the highlands of Iceland, you will ski-trek towards Baldjökull, the most northern point of the glacier, which rises 1450m above sea level.  As well as the spectacular glacier scenery, you will be rewarded with views of Þursaborg mountain range. 

Push through the physical and environmental obstacles before spending your nights camping on the ice under starry northern skies.

This is an experience you’ll never forget. 

How it works...


Choose the activity, country, duration, challenge grading, payment option, and charity to support. You can search the Charity Challenge website from over 100 challenges throughout the world. Read the challenge specific itinerary and Q&As thoroughly to ensure you fully appreciate what is involved in the challenge. Don't forget to choose a challenge and set of dates open to 'any charity' so you can fundraise for The Matthew Project.


The quickest and easiest way to book is online at You should have your passport details handy, and will also need to provide your personal contact details, medical, next of kin, dietary requirements and any allergies. Once you have booked your chosen challenge you will be asked to pay the deposit and (if applicable) travel insurance premium online through their secure server. Please note that there is a fee to cover costs for every challenge. You can either 'self fund' so pay the cost yourself and raise funds to donate to The Matthew Project or if you prefer opt for 'minimum sponsorship' where you cover the cost of the trip in your fundraising. Either way, we are grateful.


Once authorised by your charity, you'll receive an email with your login details to your personal member's area where you can access your account area; sponsorship forms, fundraising ideas, fitness training notes, itinerary, kit list, Q&As, health notes, travel tips, and lots lots more. We can assist you with publicising what you're doing via our website, social media channels and local press. GET TRAINING!



At this point Charity Challenge will upload new documents to your online member's area explaining how to obtain your visa with relevant forms (if applicable for your challenge). They will also update you about your flights and sponsorship/balance deadlines.


You need to have raised and paid The Matthew Project at least 80% of the minimum sponsorship (under the flexi and minimum sponsorship options) twelve weeks before you depart. If you achieve this, we will pay for the balance of your challenge costs from the funds your have raised for us.


With only one month to go before you depart, Charity Challenge will upload your final joining instructions to your online members' area. This document will include information on your confirmed flights, where and when to meet the team, emergency contacts and so on.


Having raised lots of money for The Matthew Project and got incredibly fit, all you need to do now is complete the challenge itself!


All remaining sponsorship should be with The Matthew Project ideally before departure and at the very latest within 4 weeks of the end of your challenge. Once you have returned from your challenge with photos and stories of bravery, you should ideally send a thank you to all those that have already sponsored you and a final request for support from those that have not yet got round to it.

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