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Free Parenting Group

A Testimonial

In September, we started a new online support group via Microsoft Teams for parents of young people that are using substances but do not wish to stop using them. We are pleased to say it's been so successful, we are starting two more courses in November as follows:

Lunch time group starting on Friday 6th of November at12-1:30pm


Evening group starting on Friday 6th of November at 6-7:30 pm.

We expect to run the first 2021 group on Friday 8th of January 12-13:30pm

These are small, closed groups of up to 9 parents. The office camera’s will be switched off and parents are welcome to use their first name or nickname only, to protect their identity.

All we ask is that you need to be able to commit to six Fridays to attend.

Parenting a child that uses drugs can be troubling, cause sleepless nights, anxiety and pressure within a family. The purpose of this group is to learn from each other and to look into different situations and behaviours, to help teenagers using substances and navigate a way through a difficult time.

If you're interested either message us here via the Contact Us page or email [email protected]

We hope to hear from you soon.


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