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Jacks Ultramarathon Success!

On Friday 23rd October, Jack Mollicone ran his first ULTRA MARATHON - an incredible 85.5 miles along the famous Norfolk Coastal Path in 13 hours and 28 minutes. He is the new record holder and he raised £6,805.75 for The Matthew Project Charity! #getjackto10k

In Jack's words... "Here is a little bit of background around my running. I run for CONAC and have done for 2 years. I've been running since July 2018 and completed my first marathon in Oslo with a time of 2h58 in September 2018. I then bettered that with a time of 2h50 at Paris 2019. Since the Paris marathon I've been interested in furthering my challenge into ultra marathons with the first one being the Norfolk Coastal path. I've decided to run this event for The Matthew Project as running was my way of distancing myself from the life I used to live. I'm really passionate now about helping others realise there is more to life than your past and The Matthew Project is a great establishment which has the same ethos."

Jack's story is one of success, but not all are. Children whose parents struggle with alcohol or drug use, young people caught up in an ever changing world of substance misuse, veterans suffering with PTSD after active service and adults trying to move forwards from addiction. The money that Jack has raised will help more people in our community to live the lives they deserve.

7 DAYS LATER So I'm slowly returning back to normal after what has been a week of cold/hot baths, stretching and insane amounts of food. A little help from @shopitcbd oil that they provided and I'd probably say I'm 95% of the way. I submitted my time to @fastestknowntime, who record all the quickest times set on the well known trail routes, and it was certified as the quickest so couldn't be more chuffed. Some how I woke up on that Friday with £2700 raised and since the run started we have managed to raise £6700 (which includes the gift aid) for @the.matthew.project. I have some cash to put in from various sources and anyone who was thinking off donating but forgot we have a week left on the just giving page. So definitely going to smash £7k which is absolutely astounding so thank you everyone involved so far. I love these two vids, first one at mile 22 and second one at mile 77. Couldn't be more different while completing the same task!! This chapter has come to an end and I couldn't have been happier with how it has gone so one last thank you to the squad!!!! Time to move on to shorter distances and the beginning of a very purple year with a S&C program set by @becky_sportstherapy

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