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Outside The Wire visit the National Memorial Arboretum. October 2022

When the soldiers came back from the two world wars in the early 20th century they just went back to their jobs and said nothing of the horrors of their war years just keeping their pain within themselves, many suffering for the rest of their lives in misery.

Luckily the soldier of today thanks to the media is able to share this burden as the world around him is only too familiar with the horrors of war, it is this sharing that has lead to the healing and tranquillity of such places as the National Memorial Arboretum and our visit there this October.

Ten veterans from Outside the Wire set out from Norwich and Sheringham for a weekend in Staffordshire to remember our comrades and to find some peace in our lives. Arriving mid day on the Saturday we had a pleasant afternoon exploring the delights of Lichfield, finishing with everybody having a pleasant meal out. But of course the main day was the Sunday and our visit to the Arboretum. We arrived before ten with everybody pacing up and down waiting for it to open and then left at three having had to drag some members of our group out of the centre as several would have happily stayed longer.

Once in most members went their own way, happy to be alone with their thoughts and memories except of course for our mobile unit consisting of two ladies and one worried man on mobility scooters. I am glad to report that no members of the public were injured during the course of the day, except of course the male member of this group who was last seen heading south.

All in all every member of the group had a good good and fulfilling weekend and were grateful for the support given by Outside the Wire which made this weekend possible, we all left feeling happy and content and like me having ticked one more thing off my bucket list of life.

In closing, here are photographs recording some of the monuments and sights visited this weekend which I hope will give you a feeling of Lichfield and the Arboretum.

Yours Gratefully.

Jonathan & The team.

If you or someone you know would benefit from support with our Outside The Wire veteran service, please get in touch


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