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Volunteer Week - Rosie's story

As part of #volunteersweek we are featuring the personal stories from some of our volunteers to highlight the reason why they offer their time to help others.

I have always had an interest in wanting to help others who need it. After having a bad experience myself and not receiving the help I needed, I desperately wanted to turn my experiences into a positive by giving people the reassurance that there are people out there who will support them.

I came across the Matthew Project and, after reading about what they specialised in, thought this would be a great opportunity. Helping people with addiction is so important, especially if they feel like everyone else is giving up around them. Also, helping children who are affected by a loved one with an addiction is equally important. This is why, among other reasons, I felt the Matthew Project was a great place to volunteer.

I have volunteered here for nearly 2 years and I have enjoyed every part of it, from the training received, friendly and helpful staff, to the huge reward of making a difference in someone’s life.

Volunteering has helped me turn my negative experiences into positive ones as well as starting my journey into a future career in this sector.

Seeing people grow in themselves and knowing what I am doing is making a difference is very rewarding.

Thank you to the Matthew Project for all the support and everything you do for others!V


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