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Outside The Wire are pleased to announce that we're a registered charity with Veterans Raffle!

Huge numbers of British ex-forces who have served our country find themselves out of work, homeless, in debt and struggling with physical and mental health issues such as PTSD. Veterans Raffle provides smaller UK charities such as ourselves with free use of their online charity raffle platform to raise funds for supporting veterans in our community with the help they need & deserve.

Veterans Raffle is totally unique in the UK. No other organisation offers what they do for smaller veterans’ charities, hubs and clubs. No other veterans’ lottery rewards its subscribers (proportionately) as much as Veterans Raffle. No other UK lottery can apportion more than Veterans Raffle to charity & prizes combined, because no other UK lottery promoter can operate at only 5%. Veterans Raffle is truly a non-profit and surely therefore our Nation's Veterans’ Lottery!

Popularity of Veterans Raffle is growing steadily and for good reason. People are joining because they heard about them from a friend, a family member, or co-worker. Veterans Raffle isn’t growing because of “celebrity” endorsements, sponsorships, or big paid advertising budgets, but rather from the most powerful form of advertising on the planet: word of mouth!

Now it's our turn to spread the word and get as many people joining in as possible. Every person that chooses to support Outside The Wire equates funding for us. It costs £10 a month to join with prizes ranging from £150 to £25,000. 

Here is a summary of Veterans Raffle conditions: 

18+ so no child participation

Online only access

Direct debit only payment

Fixed £10 monthly donation

No advance payments

Holiday breaks available at any time

Auto Exclusion if 3 failed payments in a row 

A financially vulnerable person would struggle to be included in Veterans Raffle based on the strict registration/payment process. However, they could very easily choose to participate in most other UK lotteries and with hardly any protection to prevent/deter them from participation beyond their means.   

The important thing to recognise is that the Veterans Raffle platform is designed to provide a consistent funding stream for UK Veterans' charities, which is why it's only attracting members of the public who can comfortably afford £10pcm. 

We hope that you're interested in supporting Outside The Wire with this venture...

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