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21 Day Challenge Completed

Thank you so much for taking part in the 21 Day Challenge or sponsoring people who did.

We have raised £3062 so far, which is almost £1000 more than our target. It is great to have this support for people who are struggling during this time with substance misuse issues.

You can still donate at We also have an upcoming charity quiz with the topic being Norfolk, that we are planning. Make sure to follow our social media to keep posted. Links can be found below.

Read on for stories of the 21 Day Challenge.

Miranda's Challenge - Running 5k a Day

Why did you do the challenge? At first it was for The Matthew Project. It’s a great charity that helps those that struggle with their addiction and those that are affected by it too. I have made friends with some of our members and wanted to do something positive for them. I wanted them to know that I still care even though there is this pandemic. What were your struggles along the way, and how did you overcome them? About eight days into the challenge I had the first signs of struggling to run 5Kms each day. I was finding it difficult to stay motivated and also to squeeze in the time to do it. The motivation came from friends and family. They believed in me and it pushed me to carry on. It also came from those that sponsored; seeing the amount of money raised creep up towards our target and beyond it. This then became something I really wanted to achieve for myself. What would you like to say to people struggling to with substance misuse? That you can do this. You just need to believe in yourself. Yes there will be down days, days that you will really struggle but there are always good days…. Always. Fill your time with a new hobby, educate yourself, help others that are struggling. Many people will return the favour when you are struggling.

Jackie's Challenge - Giving Up Alcohol for 21 Days

I decided to give up alcohol for 21 days as I found it was all too easy to have a glass or two of wine everyday during lockdown, which is not like me at all. I found it quite difficult as some days I felt I 'deserved' a drink. However I persevered and found that I was sleeping much better without alcohol and generally felt better during the day. It's difficult to stay alcohol free when everything around us is so uncertain but for me I am feeling so much better so I will carry on.


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