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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update

Government COVID-19 guidance

The new guidance says people should only leave their homes for:

  • Shopping for basic necessities such as food and medicine. Shopping trips should be as infrequent as possible.

  • One form of exercise a day such as a run, walk or cycle. This should be done alone or only with people you live with.

  • Any medical need, or to provide care or to help a vulnerable person. This includes moving children under the age of 18 between their parents' homes, where applicable. Key workers or those with children identified as vulnerable can continue to take their children to school.

  • Travelling to and from work, but only where work absolutely cannot be done from home.

  • Even when following the above guidance, people should minimise the amount of time spent out of their homes and should keep two metres (6ft) away from people they do not live with.

  • The government is also stopping all social events, including weddings, baptisms and other ceremonies - but funerals attended by immediate family members are allowed.

  • Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove said if people did not follow the rules, the police would "have the tools to ensure they are penalised and punished if they put others' lives at risk".

What is our response?

  • Matthew Project has continued and will continue to support our members and service users, but in different ways.

  • Our staff have been working effectively from home since 18.03.2020 with all our offices and the Next Steps Centre temporarily closed. We have robust support processes in place to support all our members and clients.

  • We are making contact by phone, through the internet, using the post, and carrying out essential home visits.

Need more Information about COVID-19?

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Need to know who to call?

Matthew Project Services:


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