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Covid-19 by Karen Hamilton

Karen Hamilton is one of our amazing members from the Next Steps Centre and after being prompted to write something through the Matthew Project social media channels while isolating at home, she did. Karen put together this beautiful poem about Covid-19.


It's year 2020

And it suddenly seems

That COVID-19 is

Now running the streets

He flew in from China

Off the back of a bat

He danced around in circles,

Eventually crashed...

The details are jaded

In fact nobody cares

How he transferred from bat

To the human flesh

He's sparked a pandemic

And he's drawn to all those

Who ignore all warnings

Not to get too close!

(Little side note, he's drawn to us all but

finds it much easier to travel via the fools)

COVID-19 let's say...

Corona for ease, he's

Infecting our people

There's no need to sneeze!

He's got it all covered

He's hijacking our air

Needs minimal contact,

Just for you to be there

In breathable distance

(He dares you to come close)

Unknowingly contract,

Pass on, double dose

At first you don't feel him

Though he weighs in on your chest,

Heavier than you'll know

Until close to death

Some people can fight him

Off better it seems, he

'Prays' on the vulnerable

In contacting these

Who'll pass him over;

Mum, Dad, Grandad or Nan

The man down the road who

You stopped to shake hands!

The person who's struggling

With another disease;

No room for a Virus

PLEASE don't give to these

The concept is simple

The process a bit hard

But please stay at home,

He's killing us HARD!

It may not be you yet,

Not yet someone you know

But it shouldn't take that...

I want him to go!


By Karen Hamilton


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