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Drug and alcohol briefing for Church leaders

The Matthew Project are offering introductory drug and alcohol training for Norfolk church leaders and workers.

We are inviting local church leaders and pastoral workers to join us for an informative drug and alcohol seminar that could help to provide better support around substance misuse.

“Alcohol and drugs are not picky. Their misuse can affect anyone. In church, like anywhere in society, we know there are people struggling with drug and alcohol issues or the misuse of substances by their family members. I am aware how difficult it can be to know how to help them. That is why we are offering this briefing led by professional substance misuse practitioners." CEO, Andy Sexton

The practical 2-hour seminar will cover:

  • Norfolk’s drug and alcohol problem

  • The impact of substance misuse

  • Recognising the signs of misuse

  • How you can help people with misuse issues, and when and who to refer to

  • How to support those affected by the misuse of others

When: July 3rd 2019

Where: St Luke’s Church Aylsham Rd, NR3 2HF

Time: 12:30-2:30pm

Cost: £8 (including handouts)

Bring a packed lunch. Teas and coffees provided.

To book email: [email protected]


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