My Darling Derry - Sally Festing

    We are proud to be selling 'My Darling Derry' by Sally Festing – Letter-poems about Derek Richter, founder of The Mental Health Foundation.

    Derek Richter was a noted neuro-scientist and founder of the Mental Health Research Fund (Now Mental Health Foundation).

    He also had two siblings that developed schizophrenia, thus compounding his focus on research into mental health, and combating the attached stigma.

    After the death of Derek Richter, his daughter, poet Sally Festing, ‘inherited hundreds of family letters, diaries and medical notes’, 'that reveal how his personal life affected his dedication to discover the cause and treatment of mental illness, and how this became the driving force of his life.' - Saly Festing.

    If you are interested in purchasing you copy for £5.99 please get in touch with us on 01603 626 123.

    Half of the profits from the sale of this book will be donated to The Matthew Project.

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