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The 21 Day Challenge

Solidarity with those staying clean and sober during COVID-19

It is so hard to stay clean and sober. But now it is even more difficult with the COVID-19 lockdown. People count their sobriety in days. Each day is a victory, and with each passing day it becomes slightly easier.

Today, the Matthew Project is providing support and community for over 500 children, young people, and adults including Veteran’s who are affected by substance misuse issues and/or mental health issues. During COVID-19 we are just doing it in different and creative ways.

What is the challenge about?

We are challenging you for the next 21 days of lockdown to, either give up something, or take up a positive activity. You could give up chocolate, take up dancing or some other home activity that would challenge you!

By taking up the challenge, you will be walking alongside people who are trying to keep free from drugs and alcohol. They need this virtual cheering on. Together we can do it!

Here is how you can take part!

  1. Choose a positive activity that you can do every day for 21 days, or something that you could give up for 21 days.

  2. Print off or make your own poster saying: "Together, We Can Do It!".

  3. Film yourself with your phone doing the activity (use time-lapse mode if its a long activity), or take a photo of yourself doing the positive activity with the poster.

  4. Post it on your social media tagging The Matthew Project with the hashtag #tmpwecandoit or email it to us at [email protected] if you would like us to use it.

  5. Ask your friends and family for donations to help us continue our support

  6. Get someone else to take on the challenge!


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