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Active Norfolk - Business Games

On Friday 14th June the Matthew Project took place in this year's Active Norfolk Business Games #norfolkbg2019, competing against Norfolk businesses and organisations.

Graham Parfitt (Next Steps), Tracey Reynolds (On Track), Miranda Howes (On Track), Frankie Warnes (The Matthew Project), Ellie Coulson (Unity), Dan Fisher (Unity), Dan Wilson (On Track), Gina Summerskill (Youth & Famillies)

An annual event held at the Sportspark, UEA, the Active Workplaces Business Games offers a chance for teams to network whilst taking part in a day of sport challenges. We interviewed our On Track team member and resident sporting champion Miranda Howes about the day.

Dan Fisher (Unity), Frankie Warnes (the Matthew Project), Miranda Howes (On Track), Dan Wilson (On Track), Gina Summerskill (Youth & Families)

What were your favourite activities in the Active Norfolk Business Games?

Volleyball and shuffle board! I used to play volleyball at school, and despite it being 16 years since I last played, it was surprising how quickly it came back. We had no idea how to play shuffle board, however, the clear guidance from the instructors meant that we grasped the concept and started to learn how you could play tactfully.

What was the best part of the day?

Honestly, all of it! I loved taking part in the sports activities, how organised the whole day was, the team spirit and how we supported and helped each other. It was such a great day!

So, how did we do?

We came 33rd out of 44 so the competitive side of me is slightly disappointed. But we were competing against teams who had professionals within them and they were physically fit. Our team was quite diverse in terms of age range and fitness so I am proud of that; plus we hadn’t played some of the sports before. The team morale was there and we really supported and pushed each other to do the best we can. As the day went on it was just about having fun with my team mates. We had some high points: my colleague Dan Wilson was a star at archery, and we won the shuffle board and ultimate frisbee. Also, our Unity team player Dan Fisher excelled himself (and our expectations) when playing table tennis. He was incredible!

Will you do it next year?

Yes, I will definitely sign up. I will know what to expect now.


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